Life is always teaching. The question is “Are we always listening?” Or even “Do we ever listen?” It’s tough, you know. To hear what Life is trying to tell us, to listen through the noise and chaos of our existence. But if we can find an inner stillness, we will hear exactly what we need to hear. Whether it be encouragement or a rebuke, the right words are always there. Sometimes whispering. Sometimes thundering. I wish Life would thunder at me every time it spoke because I am often thick-headed and don’t hear. Something I need to work on.

I heard today. Just a whisper, but I heard it. I find that happening more and more often of late. As always, it was exactly the words I needed to hear. “Just breathe. You can do this. You are more than dynamite and fuse. Don’t react in anger. Breathe.” It was pretty cool. And I was pleased with myself that I heard it this time. There was a day when I never heard what Life was trying to say to me. I feel like I have grown and matured that I can now hear. Even through the noise of this world and the tumble of my own thoughts.

I call it Life, but I don’t really know who or what is speaking these words to me. Sometimes pointing out that I screwed up, sometimes making an observation about someone else, sometimes nudging me to say or do a kindness, sometimes reminding me of things that I already know. Perhaps it is God, or my own conscience, or maybe I’ve just finally found the good sense I always lacked. If I believed in ghosts, I’d probably think it was my mother saying these things to me. Perhaps it is the memory of her and the desire to live up to her belief in me that has finally made me sensitive to these words. They do sometimes come in her voice. Or perhaps it just means I am crazy and the men in white jackets are going to come take me away. As long as they are making me a better person, I don’t mind having voices in my head.hear through the noise

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